GEPFS - Making a Difference, an Impact, in our Community! Scholarships Awarded at the Combine and All-Star Game.

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     Senior All Star football players will be participating in a big brother mentor program. Each senior all star will be matched with a 5th or 6th grader from the feeder  school of the senior all star. The 5th or 6th graders will be titled "junior all-star". The junior all star will be identified by each high school administration.

     The objective of the mentor program is two fold, (1) the senior all star will serve as a role model and provide guidance, leadership, and share all star experience  with the junior all star, (2) allow junior all star to have a mentor/role model, set goals and plan to achieve goals, and experience a day with senior all star football  player.

    Juniors All Stars will be bused from designated district locations to Sun Bowl south gate. See school official for place and time of bus pick-up/drop off.

  •  9:00 Junior All Stars line up in south tunnel of Sun Bowl.
  •  9:00 Senior All Stars line up on the 50 yd. line to award Junior All Star Jersey and take individual picture.
  •  9:10 Announce Junior All Stars.
    Junior All Stars will run through tunnel and meet Senior All Star in middle of Sun Bowl football field and picture will be taken with Junior All Star and   Senior All Star

    After everyone finishes taking picture, Junior All Star and Senior All Star will be given "goal setting sheet" and go up to Durham Center to fill out sheet.
  • 10:15 Goal setting activity.
  • 10:30 Workshop for All Star's addressing choices, leadership, and goal setting.
  • 12:00 Lunch (Pizza, Drinks, Ice Cream provided by Price's Creameries)
  • 12:45 UTEP tour personnel take All Star's on campus tour.
  • 2:30 UTEP tour personnel return all star's to UTEP Cinema Theater. Seat all star's in theater.
  • 3:00 Movie. Popcorn and soda provided
  • 4:45 Movie ends, photo cards will be awarded to each Junior All Star.
  • 5:00 Junior All Stars load buses - go home.